FAQ: About account digital point card

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Q. You cannot create an account.

・ There may be problems with your device.
Try the device cash cookie clear.
* How to clear the device cache cookies
You can check "From here".
Sorry to trouble you if you try it even if you try it, but a photo of the error screen etc. is attached."Webshop Inquiry Form"Please contact us more.

・ Error display may appear temporarily.
We may have received an email from us to the e -mail address we have entered, so please check it again.

Q. Account login is not possible.

The account registration may not be completed.
To the email address entered after the account creation
We will send you a guide email, so
By accessing Webshop again from there
The registration is completed.

If you forget your password, please do so, but at the bottom of the account login screen
From "Do you forget your password?"
Please reissue and log in.

Q. The reissue of the password will not be received.

・ The error screen may be displayed due to temporary defects.
・ Since the email address may be wrong, please check your email address again.
* If you have set a spam countermeasure, you may not receive the email.
Please set up to receive emails from "@bside-label.com".

Q. No matter how many times you try it, the password is different.

From "Forget your password?" At the bottom of the account login screen
Please reissue your password.

* Please check before creating a new account.
When creating a password with an account registration,
If you use a "half -width full -width space" on your head and back
There is a possibility that an error will be made when logging in.
Please create a password with "5 or more characters in the alphanumeric numerical mixture of 5 or more characters".

Q. Is a member registration charged?

You can use it for free.

Q. What can I do if I register as a member?

・ You can check the past purchase history.
・ If you use it in a logged state
200 yen (excluding tax) We will give 1 point for each purchase.
* Both directly managed stores and webshops are granted.

Q. I want to change the registered address.

We will respond to changes
"Webshop Inquiry Form"Please contact us more.

Q. I want to delete my account.

We will delete our account
"Webshop Inquiry Form"Please contact us more.

Q. How can you use the accumulated points?

・ It can be used at a directly managed store or webshop as "1 point 1 yen".
・ If you save "500 points" at the directly managed store, the original sticker
You can customize it, such as "change in color" or "change characters".
(Because some stickers cannot be customized
Please ask the directly managed store staff for details)
Other than sticker stamping in the future
We plan to prepare new content, so please look forward to it.

Q. Points are not given.

Points are not given correctly by using a directly managed store,
Or the place you would like to retrof
Points can be retrofitted for 30 days from the date of purchase.
* Since there is no description of the deadline, points can be given indefinitely.
From "Inquiries" or "Other Inquiries" on the webshop top page
On the receipt / account page screen (name and member code) at the time of purchase
Please contact us after attaching two photos.

Q. What is the point of the paper point card?

I'm sorry, but about paper point cards
It ended on the end of February 2023.
Because you cannot move to digital points
Please understand in advance.